Thursday, February 5, 2009

organic living utah grocery savings

The local supermarket ads come out on Wednesday, and I love to scour them for good deals on the organic stuff while Ronan eats some junk mail. Yes I know the inks are probably bad for him to suck on but lets be practical. He loves it and it is cheap. I think of it as recycling.

We all know that organic is expensive. We also know this economy is in the pits. But if you look around online and in that junk mail you can find some great deals. Deals that are the same price as or cheaper on the good organic stuff. That is the only way I can afford it.

So if I am going to scour, I may as well let you in on what I find. Even though I am late this week, Wednesdays are going to be my weekly "Save Some Green" posts where I let you in on all the sales and even regular prices I have dug up.

This week we have some good stuff from the Sunflower Market.

They are at 1375 South State St. @ University Parkway in Orem UT and 6284 South State Street at Winchester across from Fashion Place Mall in Murray.

No, they are not paying me. I wish they were. Tell them I sent you and maybe they will. Right....

If you don't live in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Texas or Arizona, I am sorry. I will get some nation wide chains on here as much as possible soon.

Now on to a spotted Walmart savings. I have a beef with Walmart being corrupt and bad for local business, it's employees and the environment, but I can't afford not to shop there right now so here is what I dug up on the baby food isle much to my surprise.

These bad boys are $1.12 a box of 12. All the time. They are NOT on sale. Ronan loves them, and they also come gluten free.

Gerber Biter Biscuits are $1.62 a box of 12. They are not organic and do not come in a gluten free option. Why the heck would you pay more for less nutritional value!

Woohoo! It is not often that the organic is cheaper that the regular stuff. Mommies rejoice!

And finally for this week we have an offering from Babies R Us.

They have Enfamil formula for $23.00 a can on sale. I buy Ronan the Lactofree kind, but a few other types were also on sale. Next time I well be more attentive as to which ones.

Also, Babies R Us sells Earth's Best Organic baby food 12, 4 ounce jars for $9.19. That is about $0.19 an ounce for Organic baby food. It also comes in glass jars which is better for the environment and contain no BPA.

Gerber sells 7.0 ounces for $1.12 non organic and $1.69 for organic. That is $0.16 cents an ounce for regular and $0.24 cents an ounce for organic. And they are in plastic containers, which granted are BPA free, but more wasteful.

So why not spend the extra $0.03 cents an ounce and get organic? This one surprised me a lot. I thought it would be way more expensive to get organic baby food. I have only seen these 12 packs at Babies R Us in the back of the store on the bottom shelf. They have veggies, fruits, meals and grain packs in jar sizes 1-3.

That does it for this weeks "Save Some Green", check back next Wednesday for another installment.


  1. I vote you test on yourself first, so I voted the fem. products, Ha! Ronan, don't worry I have a secret supply of environment clogging disposable diapers for you, hang on baby, Nana's coming!

  2. I'm always looking for coupons on ebay or to save even more $$$ on items I use.

    If we have the money on hand we try and buy our own beef every year (you can buy them whole or half). We get it local from a friend of the family and they are fed all natural food etc. It averages around $2.80 a pound and we get to pick how we want it cut. Once you buy it straight from the farm you will never want to buy it from the grocery store again. I had hamburger in the fridge for 2 weeks (forgot I put it out) and it looked as red as it did the day I put it in. Try doing that with hamburger from the grocery store!

    Also never buy meat where the packaging is puffy - the plastic is full of air. That means the meat has been heated up at some point and then cooled off again.

  3. I am heading down to
    get some of the biscuits for Bill to chew on while he is watching TV and shoaking his teeth. The apples and berries would be good for his desert with a little with a little dab of cool whip. Boy, am I in trouble! Actually, we were planning to go down and check the Subflower Market out. You are doing good Rachel, Janet