Monday, February 2, 2009

Go Green With Me

I have always had an interest in all things earthy. Even though I can't stand certain very earthy things. Like camping for example.
Back in high school my friends called me "the hippie". It was mostly because I have a weakness for 60's and 70's rock. Not because I didn't shave or refused to eat meat. But I would like to now make that nickname a little more credible.
I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, born and raised, but now find myself living in Utah. With Utah winters. I hate the winter. I need to grow things. It must be the Californian hippie in me.
I am a stay at home Momma of one little boy and I hope to have a ton more just like him as soon as I am no longer what I consider to be a whale. Going green seems sure to help.
I am bored at home. BORED.
Not that my child is boring. Nor are his poopy diapers or tantrums. But I am a creative person. And I adore gardening. So sitting at home this winter I have been dreaming of a vegetable garden. And because it is only February I can't do a dang thing about my agricultural fetish so I have been obsessively researching seeds on the Internet.
One thing has lead to another. And I found myself downloading Netflix movies onto my husband's lover (the X-Box 360) about organic farming, and the terrible state that America's food industry is in. And I say industry on purpose. The family farm is almost extinct. And so is the nutritional value of our food.
There are a lot of scary things I have been researching, and as a new Momma they freak me out even more because these horrible and dangerous things are in my little guy’s food everyday.
So, I am not a "granola", I am a prissy, fussy, whiny girl who is going to try her hand at the down and "earthy" organic way of life.
I am going to do it one small thing at a time.
Follow along and get informed along with me. Get healthy; get happy, get confused, get frustrated, get dirty, GET GREEN with little ol’ me.

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