Monday, February 9, 2009

Green Make-up Monday.

Some people don't believe me. They scoff at me when I say it. But they are being nice.

The truth is I have wrinkles. Lots of them. Deep ones.

I realize that I am only 26, but I had horrible, social life crippling acne as a young teen. I used a lot of prescription creams and treatments to combat the explosion of yuck on my face. The plus was that I got it under control and didn't suffer from scaring. The negative side effect was wrinkles from all the havoc I put my face through.

I have been hesitant to put stuff on my face that is supposed to fix it because I had no idea what the heck it all was made of. I mean really. If you put something on your face and it tingles, burns or pulls tight you would freak out and take it off. Unless it was a beauty product. Are we nuts?

I have tried that lip plumping stuff (i have a complex about my thin lips) and it stings and tingles like crazy. It only works because the chemicals in it irritate you skin to the point of swelling. And we put this stuff on. Who knows what chemical is put there to do that. Yuck.

Skin can absorb 60% of what you put on it. It is our body's largest organ. That's right, organ. So with that in mind, would you rib some chemical on your lung that would inflame it? I think not.

But a girl can't walk around looking haggard and ugly. I am not going to be a make-up free, dread locked hippie either. I am too superficial.

So the hunt began. I needed something natural to fix the canyon of forehead wrinkles and those caverns around my eyes from sleeping on my stomach.

I ran across this.

It was $24.00 a bottle. Outrageous right? But I used blogger as an excuse to splurge. You know what made me buy it? It was the last one at Walmart. Yes, yucky old Wally-world. The masses have got to know what they are talking about, right? I mean it looked like everyone was doing it, I mean using this.
So in the name of my readers and my wrinkles I dropped 24 big ones on what looked like way too little of a jar.

I did a little looking around on the web and it seems that everybody is saying it is much easier for your skin to absorb all natural ingredients. Because they are natural, your body recognizes them, and lets them in a little easier. It is tougher for it to figure out what to do with synthetic crap.

I took a $24.00 gulp and started applying this Saturday morning after my shower. The shower was at 1:00pm mind you, I have a baby. Just keeping it real.

I noticed an immediate difference. To me, it looked like my skin was more radiant. I had more even tone, less redness, and my wrinkles were looking a smidge better. Most of what I noticed was in tone and color. I thought I was looking pretty good without make up. But you know, after dropping $24.00 on a bottle of face crap I was inclined to think it was working, even if it was just my imagination. So I kept my mouth shut about it to everyone, and kept putting it on every morning.

The difference I noticed was confirmed when my husband, out of the blue, commented to me that my skin was looking super healthy. He asked if I was doing something new.

Aha! If a husband can spot it, it must be working.

I swear by this stuff. I am shocked at what a difference it makes for me. Really.

If you feel inspired to stop putting who knows what on you face, but don't want to without finding a healthy alternative first, here it is.

I am not swiping clean my make up box. I am still using the gross stuff. I am just changing things one product at a time. I put on face location every morning, so that was the first to change.

I really recommend this stuff.

You can find it at Walmart.

But for you Utah readers, skip the Orem Walmart. It is filthy and stressfully crowded, but it also charges more for organic baby food options and doesn't carry any thing close to the natural beauty products that the Pleasant Grove location has. They have everything on the back row of the make-up section. We are talking like 6 all natural beauty brands. Including Burt's Bees, and this gem of a lotion.


  1. Ok, you sold me. I'll try it. By the way, you do not have wrinkles, now an old woman like me has wrinkles. You are just your cute little self!

  2. I use this awesome stuff by Weleda. It has, like, 5 ingredients, all pronouncable and it makes my skin oh-so-soft. It's pretty expensive, but so worth it. :]